Cantor Gaston is a rare combination of true musical talent, stirring Jewish spirit,
and edutainment value. He mixes traditional with original songs and stories for any holiday, joyfully guiding children toward meaningful engagement in a funny and entertaining way. Drawing on Jewish repertoire from around the world,
Cantor Gaston reaches a range of ages and backgrounds
to deliver a full and radiant Jewish experience!

Stephanie Marlin-Curiel
Metro North Family Program Coordinator
Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston

Warmth, energy, humor, passion for people, music and all things Jewish – this is what awaits you when Gaston performs.  Gaston’s love for what he does is infectious and engages people of all ages.  His “edutainment” for our families with young children deftly weaves together the values and stories of the holidays with his music so that it is accessible and enjoyable for all.   Gaston is a treasure and I feel so fortunate that he is just a phone call away.
Midge Merlin
Dir. of Family Engagement & Jewish Life
Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Cantor Gaston is Jewish passion, pride and creativity all wrapped in one talented person!  Cantor Gaston’s love for his work shines through in everything he does.  He is a master at connecting with people of all ages, babes to bubbies (and zaydes too!), and all ages in between.  Master storyteller, talented musician, inspirational educator, Cantor Gaston is a gift.”

Deborah L. Coltin, MEd, MA
Executive Director
Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation
Helping to Keep Our Children Jewish

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cantor Gaston is more than a chazzan, more than a wonderful singer and irresistible performer. He is a source of happiness. Hearing him, seeing him makes you feel glad that you are alive, that you get to experience such artistry and humanity.  I have heard him daven with heavenly joy and mourn with the deepest despair, On stage, on the bimah, in the classroom or a café, his gifts go far beyond his wonderful voice. His greatest gift is his soul that he shares through music.

Joey Baron
Boston Jewish Music Festival
Executive Director
I wanted to thank you again, for making Café Achshav such a tremendous success this year. Everyone was so energized by the evening! People loved the dancing; the musicians instrumentalists were all wonderful, and you were just magnificent.  You are a consummate professional, with a depth and breadth of talent that is only matched by your warmth, energy, genuineness and generosity of spirit. I knew that it would be fun collaborating with you, but I had no idea how much fun!
Lisa J. Avery-Peck

Having been inspired by the “La Vida Loca” session at our last Cantors Assembly Convention, I borrowed/plagiarized the title and brought Cantor Gaston Bogomolni down here to NJ for a wonderful Saturday PM Concert program.
Gaston was just incredible—everything from planning and preparing to working with my choir, the band, and then presenting a wonderful evening of music. The music was wonderful and lively and Gaston really engaged the audience. He has a great energy. The best part was that the congregation had fun, and I did too.  It was a blast.

Cantor Janet Ilene Roth
Summit Jewish Community Center
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gastón Bogomolni is a Hazzan that takes his job seriously, guiding the children to a rich Jewish tradition, energizing the teenagers at yearly camps,
educating the adults and chanting the liturgy with passion and yirat shamayim.
He is also an excellent performer and incredibly energetic organizer making sure that the myriads of details that makes a show successful are accounted for.  
Gastón  does all this with tremendous respect for our Jewish tradition, with immense love and considering each human being deeply.
Above and beyond, Hazzan Gastón Bogomolni is a mentsch.

Hazzan Dr. Ramón Tasat
Shirat HaNefesh Congregation
Kolot HaLev, Jewish Community Choir
President of Shalshelet,The Foundation for New Jewish Liturgical Music
You have boundless energy, and I have always enjoyed your davening, performing and creativity.

Hazzan David Propis

Hard to imagine there is anyone out there performing with more dynamic enthusiasm, infectious personality, musical versatility, audience charisma, and a genuine love of what he does.

David Sparr
Music Director, Temple Ohabei Shalom (Brookline, MA)
Little Dog Studio Recording, Owner








"Cantor Gaston's Pesach CD is incredibly sweet and fun! His wonderful storytelling and beautiful voice will captivate both the imagination and heart."

Shira Kline, Performer/Music Educator

"I cannot imagine anyone listening to this Passover CD and not smiling. Such joy and fun come through in every song.  Your family can salsa while you search for hametz or  cha cha while you bake a brisket. It makes me wish my kids were little again (almost)!"

Joey Baron, Boston Jewish Music Festival, Exec. Dir.

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Cantor Gastón Bogomolni (Boston), a native of Argentina, is a natural performer. His electrifying personality and infectious smile radiate when he is on stage. Audiences around the world have had the joy of watching him sing and dance at concerts. Prior to his arrival to the US in 2002, Cantor Gastón served congregations and organized multiple Jewish events in Spain, Dominican Republic and Argentina. Cantor Gastón is a multi-talented, multifaceted artist whose genius, gift and passion for what he does transcends his music.

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