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Cantor Gastón & Flory Jagoda
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Cantor Gastón sings "Sim Shalom" (Tango)

Cantor Gastón sings "Adon Olam" (Salsa)

Cantor Gastón & Cantor Elias "Granada" (The Return)

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HAZZAN GASTÓN BOGOMOLNI: Ta'am Latino: The Latin American Shabbat

Ta'am Latino - NEW CD
The Latin American Shabbat


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Cantor Gastón Bogomolni

Cantor Gastón Bogomolni has an electrifying personality and an infectious smile that radiates when he is on stage. Audiences around the world have had the joy of watching him sing, educate and dance at concerts. Cantor Gastón is a versatile edu-tainer who is comfortable in both Classic and Pop styles. Prior to his arrival to the US in 2002, a native from Argentina, Cantor Gastón served congregations and organized multiple Jewish events in Spain, Dominican Republic and Argentina. His last CDs releases "Ta'am Latino: The Latin American Shabbat," and "Pesach with an Accent" have been positively embraced around the world. Five of his recordings have been selected into The Spirit Series CD collection produced by the Cantors Assembly and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

A regular presenter/educator at conventions, conferences, and workshops, Cantor Gastón has served Temple Aliyah in Needham, MA since 2008. Cantor Gastón performs often in many places in the Boston music scene. His recent musical projects include "Malachei Mambo (Angels of Mambo)" and "Divine Sparks" at Berklee as part of the Boston Jewish Music Festival, "Ta'am Latino LIVE," "L'Chaim Argentina," "The Jewish Argen-Tenors" and "Argen-Twins".

Cantor Gastón opened the Jewish Music Week of Toronto in 2011 and in June of 2012 he participated in a number of concerts as part of the Cantors Assembly mission to Germany, including the European Centre for Jewish Music in Hanover, and produced the Melaveh Malka concert at the Jewish Museum of Berlin. Cantor Gastón is also very active in the educational network offering a number of lectures, concerts, workshops, educator and scholar in residence programs throughout the year around the country.

Cantor Gastón is currently the president of the New England Board of Cantors and Tarbut Sefarad in Boston, the T'fillah Specialist at The Solomon Schechter Day School in Boston, Rosh Shira at Camp Ramah in New England, Executive Council member of the Cantors Assembly, the CA liason on the National Ramah Commision, member of the Board of Shalshelet (the foundation for new Jewish Music), and member of the board of the Jewish Music Festival in Boston, founder of WebParasha and certified instructor of Music Together.

In the words of Joey Baron, executive producer of the BJMF "Cantor Gaston is more than a chazzan, more than a wonderful singer and irresistible performer. He is a source of happiness. Hearing him, seeing him makes you feel glad that you are alive, that you get to experience such artistry and humanity. I have heard him daven with heavenly joy and mourn with the deepest despair, On stage, on the bimah, in the classroom or a café, his gifts go far beyond his wonderful voice. His greatest gift is his soul that he shares through music".

In addition to his degrees in Voice Performance, Cantor Gastón is currently writing a dissertation towards his Masters in Ethnomusicology at the University in Sheffield, UK based on Jewish Music from Argentina. In his spare time, Cantor Gastón loves to play tennis, travel, collect instruments and spend time with his his beautiful children Samuel and Emmanuelle.